Sunday, January 29, 2017

We Have Become Digital Leaders

Throughout #DigCit this semester, we have been working to prove that we are digital leaders.  All of this was based on a sketchnote by @gcouros, @sylviaduckworth and @jcasatodd.

If you will notice, there are 5 criteria on the right side that denote digital leadership.

1. To learn and share learning.
2. To empower other with no voice.
3. To address societal inequality.
4. To promote important causes.
5. To be a more positive influence in the lives of others. 

Those 5 criteria were our driving force this entire semester.  I have blogged a couple times regarding our activities this semester and you can access them here:

We first visited the project rubric in September so that we could keep the end in mind. Here is the rubric: 

We worked hard this semester to move from being a digital citizen to being a digital leader and here is the evidence of our work: Projects

One of the things that is a priority for me is providing an authentic audience for my student's work.  This semester, I added in Periscope so that we had a live audience during the event in addition to the asynchronous audience we would have through my blog and pictures tweeted out.  I wanted to make sure that we had an authentic audience for this project, but I also wanted to make sure that the students had the opportunity to invite people who were meaningful in their lives to witness the evidence they have of their transformation to a digital leader.  Each student was asked to invite two people.  Some chose parents, some chose friends, some chose teachers and some chose administrators.  I invited all of the people the students asked to visit as well as our Superintendent (@vanfossenjason) and a couple other administrators throughout the district.  Each day we had between 6-10 judges in our room.  We also were blessed with a virtual Periscope audience that was anywhere between 3 and 60 people!

The judges (both in person and virtual), which included the students in the class, were given a Google Form to vote during each presentation.  Here is the Google Form.  If you clicked on the link, you noticed that it gave an opportunity for the audience members to give shout outs to the presenters in addition to evaluating the criteria of the projects.  I think this part of the feedback process is important for the students to grow in confidence and grow in their digital leadership.  I created a Google Doc for each student that had all of the data from the Google Form evaluations and the shout outs so that they could do a blog reflection after our project.  One thing I forgot to do on this form was to ask the audience if the students had mastered the platform they chose.  The students had to choose a different platform each time they did a project and the students in the audience would vote if they felt that student presenting had earned a Techspert badge for that platform.  You can see and example here: Techspert Badge. 

Here is an example of the Google Doc given to the student for data and shout outs after their presentation. 
Here are two examples of the blog reflection: Stephanie and Rachel
You can see the Periscope broadcasts by searching Mrs Murat under people in Periscope.  They are all titled DigCit Leadership Projects.

I would love your feedback on the project, class or student's work.

Thank you!


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