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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Have 2 minutes to help my students?

This past month, we were given the opportunity to create the spring marketing campaign for GHS Federal Credit Union (  Each student in class was allowed to work as a team or as an individual to create a marketing campaign to target 25 - 45 year olds.  We started with 22 presentations, the students narrowed it down to 10 after the first round of presentations and then after another round of presentations, narrowed it down to 3.  If you could please watch these and then click on the link below to vote, the winner will actually get to have their ad be the ad for GHSFCU for the spring and summer!!!

Thank you!

Choice A:

Choice B: 

Choice C:

Vote here!

Thank you for helping out our Entrepreneurship class!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

STUDENT App/Extension Reviews

These past two weeks we have been focusing on digital literacy in our Digital Citizenship class.  We tested our knowledge by completing four modules on this site: and then had to show our improvement if we incorrectly answered more than two items.  This proved challenging, but we worked hard and our newly acquired skills will prove helpful as we move through the rest of the course work.  There are two culminating activities in this unit and we have finished the first one, which was a blog post that served as an app/extension review.  We used the rubric below to analyze our chosen app/extension.  No two students could review the same app/extension, so we learned about 26 apps and extensions! (FTW: I even learned more about several of these apps/extensions!)   This exercise provides the students with real world skills of analyzing, critiquing and formulating a review.  In the digital world, people write reviews all the time.  Learning how to write them in a useful manner can help us become digital leaders.  Here are the student app/extension reviews;

Hannah reviews: PushBullet:

Lexi reviews Memrise

Ally reviews Calmly Letter: 

Brenden reviews Explee:

Gulia reviews Animoto: 

Shane reviews Tweetdeck:

YuNing reviews Instagram: 

Jenna reviews DuoLingo:

Jil reviews StumbleUpon:

Corey reviews PowToon:

Brandi reviews Memo Notepad 

Dan reviews Tick Tick 

Cherish reviews Eduzzle: 

Brian reviews GroupMe:

Kylie reviews Moovly:

Griffin reviews Vine:

Bri reviews Emaze:

Travis reviews Pinterest 

Hannah reviews Readability:

Val reviews Sticky Notes:

Kara reviews Quizlet:

Meaghan reviews PowToon:

Ashley reviews The Homework App:

Meghan reviews Bitmoji:

Lexi reviews YouTube: 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

2016 STUDENT App Smackdown

In #digcit class this week, we concluded our unit on digital literacy by engaging in an app smackdown.  Although I normally require students to use a platform that they have not used before and I don't have them all on the same platform, for this project, it made the most sense.  Here is the set up of the project:

Students had to choose an app/extension for mobile devices, iOS or Chrome that none of their classmates chose for the app/extension blog review we did the previous week and could not duplicate one for the smackdown. The rubric they had was this

They chose apps/extensions that even I learned from!!  I did challenge them that if their classmates picked them as the winner using this Google Form:  and it was an app/extension I did not have (not an easy feat since I have 250+ already) and I would use it, they got a $30 gift card to Dunkin Donuts instead of just the $25 that went to the winner.  The winner from this smackdown was Forest, a time management app.

I hope you are able to pick up a few new apps/extensions to improve work flow or help with a work hack!