Tuesday, March 24, 2020

UN Sustainable Development Goals Project

One of the goals we have for our students is to be civically minded.  That drives much of what I do in my classes and this project was one way I could open up their understanding of world challenges and how they could engage to make a difference.

Everything below is Public on the Web, so if you can't access it, it is most likely a filter setting on your school domain.  You will need to open it with your personal Gmail account and then share it with your school account. 

You are free to make a copy of any of the materials and edit them to fit your needs.  You are welcome to share them with colleagues.  You do NOT have permission to put them on ANY paid site.  These are not to be sold, even after you edit it.

I have a couple different versions of it based on the class in which I was using it.

This version was for my GSuite course, so the project goals were to

1. Raise awareness about the UN SDGs
2. Demonstrate their knowledge of the GSuite platforms we have been learning.

This version was for my Participation in Government Class, so the goals were to

1. Raise awarness about the UN SDGs
2. Act locally on one of the issues the class chose.

Friday, March 20, 2020

US History Resources

Below you will find all of the digital creations I have made for my students this year.

Before you use them, you will want to

1. Go to File and Make a Copy of each file you are going to use.
2. Check all links to make sure they are still active and are accessible in your domain.
3. Decide how you want to push these out to your kids.
4. Edit what you need.

All of the files are public on the web, if you click on a file and it asks to request permission, it is because your school domain does not allow you to access files created outside your domain.  If that is the case, you will need to open it with your personal Gmail account and then share it with your school account, and then open your school Drive and go to Shared With Me.

You have my permission to share these with your students and colleagues as long as you give me credit on them.  You do NOT have permission to sell these on any site.

US Trip Planner
Student Doc

Student Doc            Slide Deck            Territory Activity

Early Influences on Founding Fathers
Slide Deck and Student Work Space

Geography and Colonies
Student Doc

Delcaration of Independence
Student Doc          Slide Deck

Early Influences Document Practice
Student Doc

Student Doc          Slide Deck 1              Slide Deck 2

Westward Expansion (this activity was different because they needed to use what was in their doc in combination with what their other two partners had to answer the questions)
Student Doc 1       Student Doc 2            Student Doc 3          Resource Slide Deck 

Civil War
Student Doc (Document Practice)  Resource Slide Deck     Student Doc 

Student Doc           Resource Slide Deck           Slide Deck

Student Doc           Resources Slide Deck         Slide Deck   

Student Doc           Resource Slide Deck

Progressive Era
Student Doc           Resource Slide Deck           Gallery Walk 

Student Doc           Slide Deck               

Student Doc          Slide Deck                Resource Slide Deck

Student Doc          Slide Deck                Resource Slide Deck

Student Doc          Slide Deck                Resource Slide Deck            Gallery Walk

Review Activity (Drag and Drop Activity)

Friday, January 31, 2020

Spring 2020 Entrepreneurship Surveys

Our Entrepreneurship course is in the process of collecting data for their projects.  A couple minutes of your time will be very important to them! Thank you!

Simply click on the links below.

Fit Box


The Shoe For You

Lock Box

Temporary Teammate


Heated Dog Harness

Monday, March 25, 2019

6 Degrees of Art Selfies using Google Arts and Culture

At #EdCampHappyCamper I was in a session about Google Arts and Culture session and got to thinking about how I could implement it on Monday, in a way that I have not used it before.  We needed a brain break in US History, so we used the Art Selfie feature in the app and then smashed it with Padlet to bring the 6 Degrees of Art Selfies to life!

If you have 3 minutes to vote for your favorite Art Selfie based on the following criteria, the students and I would really appreciate it!

The ONE you choose should be the most
1. Accurate
2. Original
3. Creative
4. Followed the directions
      a. has the name of the portrait in the title
      b. made an accurate connection from that person to something we have studied in US History.

The student with the most up votes by the end of the competition (start of class on Thursday... 1:00PM EST on 3/28) will win a scratch off ticket.  In the mix of scratch off tickets are

1. Thanks for playing! Try again! (Tons of these)
2. $10 gift certificate to our school coffee house (1 of these)
3. $10 gift certificate to Dunkin Donuts (1 of these)
4. Pizza Party for the class at a later date. (1 of these)
5. Brain Break/15 minute walk outside on a nice day  (several of these)

Vote Here!  You can vote simply by clicking the thumbs up of the one you think best fits the above criteria.

If you are interested in the lesson, here it is...

Prior to the lesson, I asked 10 kids if they would be willing to download the Google Arts and Culture app to their smartphone so that the students without a phone or who do not have the ability to download an app would have someone to pair up with.

I created a Padlet with the directions in the title.

I created an example of what I was looking for in the post.

I made direction slides in Google Slides (the way I deliver directions every day).

Introduced it as a way to not only review, but take a badly needed brain break all while having a healthy competition.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Saturday, November 17, 2018

2018 Student App Smackdown!

In #digcit class this week, we concluded our unit on digital literacy by engaging in an app smackdown. It is housed in Google Slides and can be viewed here.  They signed up via a Google Doc and had to use an app/extension that was not used for our app/extension reviews.

They chose apps/extensions that even I learned from, which is a pretty big feat since I have over 250 apps and extensions!!  This year not only did we have our classmates, we also had two teachers, our building assistant principal, a former board member and parent as well as an Assistant Superintendent and our Superintendent in as guest judges! Here is the Google Form that everyone used as the feedback form. We are working on presenting in front of a broader audience so that when we do our final presentations in January, the large audience that includes all of the above plus community members and parents, we are rock star presenters!

Our winner (chosen by her peers and guest judges) was Mia (Twitter)!

We hope you learn from our app smackdown!  Which one did you like the best?

Here is the rubric that guided them in their creation of the end product.  They gave me feedback as to what they should be responsible for and this was the end product:

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Student App/Extension Reviews 2018

As part of our media literacy unit in our #DigCit class, we wanted to tackle app/extension reviews for several reasons.  (The rubric is below)

1. Learn more about apps/extensions.
2. Continue to improve our presentation skills.
3. Fine tune our writing skills.
4. Continue to build our positive social brand.

They had to tweet them out (I tweeted for those who do not have social media).  Many were very excited to have the company/person that created the app/extension retweet their blog posts!

We would love your feedback if you have a couple minutes!

Ryan: Quizlet

Taylen: Google Hangout

Gabe: Google Calendar

Kyle: WGT Baseball

Stephen: Plural Sight

Gavin: Fox News

Matt: ToDoIst

Sadie: My Homework Student Planner

Ty: Momentum

Mia: Taskade

Noah: Emoji Keyboard

Zach: Google Dictionary

Adam: Weather App

Josh: Draw.io

Savannah: Messenger

Alexis: NewsTab

We hope you learned something from our app/extension reviews.  What is your favorite app/extension?