Monday, March 25, 2019

6 Degrees of Art Selfies using Google Arts and Culture

At #EdCampHappyCamper I was in a session about Google Arts and Culture session and got to thinking about how I could implement it on Monday, in a way that I have not used it before.  We needed a brain break in US History, so we used the Art Selfie feature in the app and then smashed it with Padlet to bring the 6 Degrees of Art Selfies to life!

If you have 3 minutes to vote for your favorite Art Selfie based on the following criteria, the students and I would really appreciate it!

The ONE you choose should be the most
1. Accurate
2. Original
3. Creative
4. Followed the directions
      a. has the name of the portrait in the title
      b. made an accurate connection from that person to something we have studied in US History.

The student with the most up votes by the end of the competition (start of class on Thursday... 1:00PM EST on 3/28) will win a scratch off ticket.  In the mix of scratch off tickets are

1. Thanks for playing! Try again! (Tons of these)
2. $10 gift certificate to our school coffee house (1 of these)
3. $10 gift certificate to Dunkin Donuts (1 of these)
4. Pizza Party for the class at a later date. (1 of these)
5. Brain Break/15 minute walk outside on a nice day  (several of these)

Vote Here!  You can vote simply by clicking the thumbs up of the one you think best fits the above criteria.

If you are interested in the lesson, here it is...

Prior to the lesson, I asked 10 kids if they would be willing to download the Google Arts and Culture app to their smartphone so that the students without a phone or who do not have the ability to download an app would have someone to pair up with.

I created a Padlet with the directions in the title.

I created an example of what I was looking for in the post.

I made direction slides in Google Slides (the way I deliver directions every day).

Introduced it as a way to not only review, but take a badly needed brain break all while having a healthy competition.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019