Tuesday, March 24, 2020

UN Sustainable Development Goals Project

One of the goals we have for our students is to be civically minded.  That drives much of what I do in my classes and this project was one way I could open up their understanding of world challenges and how they could engage to make a difference.

Everything below is Public on the Web, so if you can't access it, it is most likely a filter setting on your school domain.  You will need to open it with your personal Gmail account and then share it with your school account. 

You are free to make a copy of any of the materials and edit them to fit your needs.  You are welcome to share them with colleagues.  You do NOT have permission to put them on ANY paid site.  These are not to be sold, even after you edit it.

I have a couple different versions of it based on the class in which I was using it.

This version was for my GSuite course, so the project goals were to

1. Raise awareness about the UN SDGs
2. Demonstrate their knowledge of the GSuite platforms we have been learning.

This version was for my Participation in Government Class, so the goals were to

1. Raise awarness about the UN SDGs
2. Act locally on one of the issues the class chose.

Friday, March 20, 2020

US History Resources

Below you will find all of the digital creations I have made for my students this year.

Before you use them, you will want to

1. Go to File and Make a Copy of each file you are going to use.
2. Check all links to make sure they are still active and are accessible in your domain.
3. Decide how you want to push these out to your kids.
4. Edit what you need.

All of the files are public on the web, if you click on a file and it asks to request permission, it is because your school domain does not allow you to access files created outside your domain.  If that is the case, you will need to open it with your personal Gmail account and then share it with your school account, and then open your school Drive and go to Shared With Me.

You have my permission to share these with your students and colleagues as long as you give me credit on them.  You do NOT have permission to sell these on any site.

US Trip Planner
Student Doc

Student Doc            Slide Deck            Territory Activity

Early Influences on Founding Fathers
Slide Deck and Student Work Space

Geography and Colonies
Student Doc

Delcaration of Independence
Student Doc          Slide Deck

Early Influences Document Practice
Student Doc

Student Doc          Slide Deck 1              Slide Deck 2

Westward Expansion (this activity was different because they needed to use what was in their doc in combination with what their other two partners had to answer the questions)
Student Doc 1       Student Doc 2            Student Doc 3          Resource Slide Deck 

Civil War
Student Doc (Document Practice)  Resource Slide Deck     Student Doc 

Student Doc           Resource Slide Deck           Slide Deck

Student Doc           Resources Slide Deck         Slide Deck   

Student Doc           Resource Slide Deck

Progressive Era
Student Doc           Resource Slide Deck           Gallery Walk 

Student Doc           Slide Deck               

Student Doc          Slide Deck                Resource Slide Deck

Student Doc          Slide Deck                Resource Slide Deck

Student Doc          Slide Deck                Resource Slide Deck            Gallery Walk

Review Activity (Drag and Drop Activity)

Friday, January 31, 2020

Spring 2020 Entrepreneurship Surveys

Our Entrepreneurship course is in the process of collecting data for their projects.  A couple minutes of your time will be very important to them! Thank you!

Simply click on the links below.

Fit Box


The Shoe For You

Lock Box

Temporary Teammate


Heated Dog Harness