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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Have 2 minutes to help my students?

This past month, we were given the opportunity to create the spring marketing campaign for GHS Federal Credit Union (  Each student in class was allowed to work as a team or as an individual to create a marketing campaign to target 25 - 45 year olds.  We started with 22 presentations, the students narrowed it down to 10 after the first round of presentations and then after another round of presentations, narrowed it down to 3.  If you could please watch these and then click on the link below to vote, the winner will actually get to have their ad be the ad for GHSFCU for the spring and summer!!!

Thank you!

Choice A:

Choice B: 

Choice C:

Vote here!

Thank you for helping out our Entrepreneurship class!


  1. Going to show these to my ECO classes tomorrow and they will vote!

  2. Showing this to my Digital Design class and they will vote. They are creating ads at the moment.