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Sunday, November 13, 2016

App Smackdown, Periscope and #DigCit!

In #digcit class this week, we concluded our unit on digital literacy by engaging in an app smackdown.  It is housed in a Google Slides.  They signed up via a Google Doc and off we went!

Here is the set up of the project:

Students had to choose a Chrome app/extension that none of their classmates chose for the app/extension blog review we did the previous week and could not duplicate one for the smackdown. The rubric they had was this:

They chose apps/extensions that even I learned from, which is a pretty big feat since I have over 250 apps and extensions!!  This year not only did we have our classmates, two teachers, our district PR person, our district IT person and our building principal and assistant principal in as guest judges we also did a live Periscope broadcast where we had over 100 views and guest judges through Periscope.  This Google Form: was used as the evaluation and feedback form.

Coupons at Checkout was the unanimous winner even though there were so many useful apps and extensions in this smackdown!

I hope you are able to pick up a few new apps/extensions!


  1. Thanks for sharing more information in this post. Watched the Periscope and learned about the App Smackdown that way. What a wonderful project. Your students are Digital Citizen Leaders, and you are an amazing change agent.

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to chat on our GHO tonight!