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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Students Tackle Haters and Trolls in #DigCit

#DigCit class this year tackled the topic of Hater and Trolls with help from Common Sense Media, to figure out what exactly a Hater and Troll really is. Once they watched the introduction video all the students posted on a Padlet; explaining something they learned, a takeaway they had, and what stuck with them the most from the video. You can look at the responses here--> Padlet . They continued their learning by watching and answering a corresponding question that paired with the video they watched. Their answers were put on a Google Slide and presented to the class. It was during these presentations that their peers evaluated each other based on the following criteria:

To see the peer evaluation form, click here--> Google Form

These presentations and their Padlet acted as a springboard for the next project. The project allows for anything that they wanted to learn more about based off of the presentations/Padlet completed by their peers. Per usual, the students had to choose a different platform they had not used before. During these presentations the students evaluated each other again (using this Google Form)  and gave shoutouts to their peers, that were completely student generated.  I compiled the shoutouts and then read them to the class the next day.  Each student had at least one shoutout. Within the peer review they got to choose whether or not their peer showed mastery of the new platform they choose, and if 90% of their peers agreed they did, they would receive a techspert badge. The students voted on the 90% threshold earlier in the year and they are the sole determiners of whether a techspert badge is awarded.  They then are the expert in the room with that platform.  They serve as a resource for both the class and me as we dive into new platforms for our digital work.

The students were assessed on how well they followed the following criteria:

You can check out some of the projects here:

Project Links:

If you would like it leave some comments for the students, I will share with them. Feel free to use the students' work as a resource when teaching/learning about haters and trolls.


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