Wednesday, December 21, 2016

My 3 Favorite Extensions: Update!

Since I last posted my favorite extensions, I have found a few more that I use on a daily basis now!

Google Keep

This has literally changed the way I do things both in school and for personal use.  Google Keep is an app that allows you to create a post it note, which you can change into an active checklist.  You can color code them and pin them.  All of this is SO handy!  However, the best two features are that you can share them and archive them.  Imagine yourself grocery shopping with a spouse or friend and you have to divide up to find things or are in a hurry.  Share the Keep and both of you can access the list and delete the items!  I have also used this for to do logistical event lists.  Typically, there is more than just me organizing an event and instead of texting back and forth or emailing what you have and have not done, each of the organizers can click an item to delete it or add an item.  The even better part is that for annual events, you can access this year's to do list next year!  So much better than hanging onto a piece of paper or searching for a document! 


Bitmoji's are a way for you to merge the emjois with your avatar.  This is a fun way to communicate, but also a way to add some fun and engagement on your feedback.  I use them not only on my feedback for written work, but also on my student created shout outs (they give each other a shout out through Google Form when doing peer evaluations and then I compile them and read them out loud in class the next day.   Fun way to jazz up your feedback!

Tab Suspender
I don't know about you, but my tabs typically look like this on my Chromebook

Needless to say, my battery life isn't all that great simply because I am making my Chromebook work harder with all of those tabs open.  Tab suspender will leave your tabs open, but suspend them from eating up valuable resources in memory and battery.  When you need that tab again, you simply click on it and then hover over the blue and white refresh arrow (see right pane below) and it comes back to life!  Speaking of life, since it works automatically, and I don't have to remember to enable it, my battery thanks me daily for using tab suspender.  

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