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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Most Important Thing That You Probably Aren't Doing (I know I wasn't)

Warning: This blog is not necessarily all about curriculum or pedagogy...

I will give you some background.  Four years ago this past Spring, my neighbor, who has a police scanner, heard my 911 call and found me in my driveway unresponsive.  After 10 days in the hospital it took me 18 months to get healthy.

I had to take a hard look at how I was living my life.  I wasn't happy at work, I wasn't happy with who I was or who I was around the students.  I put on a good front (or so I convinced myself) and trudged through everyday.  Once I got to the point where I wasn't sleeping 12-14 hours a day (sometimes losing entire weekends to sleep) I decided I owed myself something better.

I started to get back to working out.  I've always felt better about life when I'm able to exercise, but I lost my way somewhere.  In the process, I started to read more about healthy eating and what certain foods could do for you.  I have Celiac Disease, so I thought I was eating healthy.  Not even close.

Long story short, I lost 70 pounds and now eat nothing that is processed if I can control what I am eating.

My point is this... if we aren't nurturing our souls, how are we able to nurture the souls of the students in front of us?  Those who are in the field of caring for others often forget to care for themselves.

I was at work at 3:45AM (yep, that's in the morning) and worked until almost 5 today, but I had so much energy at the end of the day that I cranked out a 7 mile run.  It was liberating to see the sunshine and feel the fresh air fill my lungs as I hit the pavement.

On my run I reflected on the day.  I took stock of those things for which I am grateful.  I realized that I have more energy during my day after 19 years of teaching than I did when I first started and had about 110 fewer responsibilities! :)

To what do I owe this? Taking care of myself.  Owning that the only person that is going to look out for me is me.  Knowing that everyday I encourage students to be the best person they can be and to strive to be better each day.  Why wouldn't I demand that of myself also?

So get out there and move! Get your endorphin's pumping! (Maybe I will see you out on the pavement!)

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