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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Meanwhile in #digcit

I blogged earlier this year about the fact that I was embarking on a new class and was very excited as we (my PLN and I) developed the curriculum.

9 weeks in, I can tell you my expectations were blown away by the projects, collaboration, dialogue and blogging of my students.

Here is what we've been up to:

1. We have learned what a digital footprint is and have examined ours by Googling all of our usernames, given name and email addresses.

2. We Skyped with a college admissions director to learn how our activity online can affect our ability to gain admittance to, or remain in, a post-secondary school.

3. We had a discussion with our School Resource Officer about the legal ramifications of online behavior (bad #digcit) and what we can do if people are cyberbullying us.

4. We had a couple business owners come in and talk to us about how social media (and our digital footprint) can affect our ability to get a job.

5. We established Pinterest accounts so that we can Pin reseach items for our Passion Project and for a presentation we are going to give to the community and parents about good #digcit.

6. We established a Blogger account and have been blogging about our experiences in class and what our thoughts are on different topics or current events involving social media and #digcit.

7. We learned what a # is actually for and then practiced a live chat with the moderator of the #digcit chat. (@mbfxc) and then the students joined in for the real thing that night.  They were able to interact with hundreds of people sharing their stories and knowledge about #digcit.  They did a great job!!

8. We have been tweeting out to promote good #digcit and #cyberbullyingprevention

9. We have started a dialogue in our school about using good #digcit and have been encouraging our student body to practice it.

9. We are currently making PSAs about #cyberbullyingprevention and are uploading them to a Global Cyberbullying Prevention project.

10. We have learned what it means to be connected (#cs14) and have talked about (and showed through our connectedness) what it means to be connected and why that is so vital and conducive in the world they live in.

We've been busy!!  Can't wait to update you again soon!

PS EVERYTHING we do is put out there for the global audience to see.  We know that it is so important that the students work for the global audience and do not produce things that will die with me.

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