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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Examples of #stuvoice: Feel free to comment!

One of my goals this year was to increase #stuvoice opportunities.  I have always honored it when I asked for it, but upon reflection, I did not ask for it, nor create an environment for it to flourish as often as I had hoped.  Below are some examples of recent #stuvoice in my classes.

This @smorepages was created by one of my AP students following our visit to the State of the State Address in Albany last week.  Additionally, the weekly @smorepages that we use as our class newsletter are archived at the top of that Smore.

This @smorepages was also created by a student in my Entrepreneurship course to chronicle what we have been doing in our class as we prepare for our regional competition.

Both of the above newsletters are emailed home when I email parents.  I email 5 parents each day to send home positive news.  This has been such a fulfilling experience this year, that I can't imagine not doing it going forward.

Below are blogposts from my US History students.  I simply asked them to blog about something that they were interested in connected to the subject of war.  We just finished WWI, and although I imagined they would all connect their blogposts to that, some did not, and I am glad!  Feel free to comment on their blogs.  This is only their second blogposts and some are still  finding their voice.  I can't wait to see how their voice develops over the remainder of the year.

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