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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Learning Continues

As educators, we have a responsibility to our students to make each day a meaningful learning experience.  I think we give it our best each and every day.  However, is that the case when we are out?

It used to be that if I was out unexpectedly, I had to throw together something that was either busy work, not quite on topic or something that was redundant of what we had already done.  Why? Because the learning would stop if I wasn't there.  If I was the source of the learning, how would it happen if I wasn't there?

That isn't the case anymore and I am so thankful that is the case.  Now that my class is student run for the most part, learning happens whether I am there or not.

Having an LMS where all of our materials (blog questions, calendar, flipped videos, assignments, quizzes, etc) are housed, online formative assessments like Quizlet, Kahoot or Socrative, Bell Ringers that are on Google Forms and Tickets Out that are either on Google Forms or in Schoology allows the students to continue the learning even if I am not there.

The other avenue that makes this helpful is that I can monitor what they are doing even though I am not physically in the classroom.  I am able to do this through Schoology, Google Docs,  EdPuzzle and Kahoot.  (They aren't particularly happy that I am micromanaging when I am not there, but understand why I like to keep tabs on their productivity and learning).

Gone are the days when I had to worry that me being sick would interrupt the learning.  For that, I am thankful.

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