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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Another #edcamp, another learning concussion!

Ever since I discovered the, I've been addicted to #edcamps.  I try to attend at least one a month.  This month, we are in Connecticut at #edcampswct.  When I saw it on the wiki, I decided 3 and half hours wasn't too far to drive to have a day filled with learning.  I sent an email out to some people I thought might be interested in attending with me and was pleasantly surprised at the group we put together.  We have two current classroom teachers (HS social studies and MS math), one pre-service teacher who is still a year away from student teaching and one substitute teacher who is English certified and is looking for a permanent teaching position.  We are all coming to the edcamp from different pedagogical directions, but are all here to learn.  On a Saturday!

We arrived to #edcampswct and watched with anticipation as the session board filled up and I realized I was going to have a learning concussion again!  There is nothing better than the adrenaline rush that comes with the collaboration, conversations and learning you are a part of during an edcamp.

I learned about apps and extensions in general, ones that were STEM specific, and ones that are helpful for the Common Core.  I attended a gamification session, that will help me take information back to my colleagues.  The same is the case with the Common Core information I learned about today.  We learned about different ways to harness blogging in the classroom to promote literacy and free writing as well as reflection.  It got my mind going in a different direction than what I am already utilizing blogs for.  I was able to connect with several people from my PLN face to face.  I was able to make more connections on Twitter that will provide an even bigger community from which I can learn! I am eagerly awaiting the conversations that will be happening on the way home because you will not find that level of excitement, collaboration and conversation at any other event.

I would highly recommend attending an edcamp.  Your professional life will literally never be the same. When was the last time you had PD that you implemented the next school day?  When was the last time you were encouraged to use the power of your two feet? (If the session you are sitting in isn't for you, get up and walk to another session).  When was the last time you were in a room where EVERYONE was there because they WANTED to be there and WANTED to be learning?  These days are inspiring and I thank the organizers of this amazing event!!

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