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Sunday, January 4, 2015

#digcit Coming to a School Near You

In an ideal world, we would be integrating all of the principles of good #digcit PreK - 12 and beyond, but let's be honest.  We aren't.

After attending a Digital Leadership conference where I had the honor of hearing +Eric Sheninger speak about the role #digcit plays in our future, I had one of those lightbulb moments we always talk about.  On the 90 minute drive home, I started to think about what it would mean to bring a #digcit course to our high school and how we could squeeze it in considering we just experienced the worst economic time in our district's history that saw 100 positions eliminated.  I anticipated it would be a tough sell, so I started to do some research.

In my research, I came across the Common Sense ( +Common Sense Education) curriculum and knew that would be my starting point.  I dug around for about two weeks and put my plan together and got my ducks in a row as I made an appointment with @mehsprincipal to make the case for the creation of a new class.

I was about 3 minutes into the case for the course when he stopped me.  My heart sank as he said "Let me get this straight.. You want a course..." As my heart sank and my head fell, he surprised me and said "YES!! We need a course like that!"  The rest, they say is history.

This year, as I've blogged about, we have had so many amazing experiences from examining our #digitalfootprint to increasing our #digital #literacy to learning what labeled for reuse means that one day we brainstormed a list of the skills we've learned thus far.  This was about a month ago and only about 3 months into the course.  We came up with 62 skills just off the top of our heads!  Holy crow!

As the course is winding down (it's a semester course) and we are putting the final touches on our Passion Projects and Parent Tip videos, the students wanted to share all that they have learned and persuade other school districts to start a #digcit course for their students in the hopes that it would eventually trickle down so it was K-12.

Here are a couple of the submissions.  I think they did a superb job of persuading! What do you think??​ Thanks to @davidverrastro for this one! Thanks to @hannahmcgoff for this one!

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