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Thursday, November 6, 2014

#cyberbullyingprevention PSAs #digcit

An update of what we have been working on in #digcit lately....

After I connected with @mbfxc and finding out about the Global Cyberbullying Prevention campaign, we hopped on!!

My students were very excited to not only be able to produce and edit their own PSAs, they were also very excited to be part of a Global project.  It is amazing what happens when you add in an authentic audience!  We had a hard deadline of October 31st, so we dove right in!

One of the skills we have been working on in #digcit is becoming your own problem solver.  Learned helplessness is the bane of my existence. I am trying to convince the kids that they can solve their problems just as easily as I can, and in most circumstances they can do it faster than I can!  This really tested our knowledge level and comfort zone a ton!  Everyday, I would remind the students that they are only learning when they are outside their comfort zone.  It's messy and it's painful, but it is SO worth it!

We learned how to analyze different video creation and editing extensions and apps in Chrome as well as learning which one fit our end goal the best!  The kids chose their partners and then looked at the extensions and apps to see which ones they would like the best for their particular project.   Some chose to use Google Presentation and then use Screencastify.  Some chose to use WeVideo (I LOVE WeVideo!!) and create everything from scratch.

The process was painful at times because we were outside our comfort zone of technology, but we plowed through!  Students were so excited about it they asked to come in before/after school and on their free periods to work on it.  The conversations about how best to get the message across and what message to send were deep and meaningful.  The end products are better because of the level of collaboration and the knowledge that their video could help make a difference in the lives of others.

Here are some examples of their videos.  Enjoy!!!

I am so proud of them!!!

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