Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Student App/Extension Reviews 2018

As part of our media literacy unit in our #DigCit class, we wanted to tackle app/extension reviews for several reasons.  (The rubric is below)

1. Learn more about apps/extensions.
2. Continue to improve our presentation skills.
3. Fine tune our writing skills.
4. Continue to build our positive social brand.

They had to tweet them out (I tweeted for those who do not have social media).  Many were very excited to have the company/person that created the app/extension retweet their blog posts!

We would love your feedback if you have a couple minutes!

Ryan: Quizlet

Taylen: Google Hangout

Gabe: Google Calendar

Kyle: WGT Baseball

Stephen: Plural Sight

Gavin: Fox News

Matt: ToDoIst

Sadie: My Homework Student Planner

Ty: Momentum

Mia: Taskade

Noah: Emoji Keyboard

Zach: Google Dictionary

Adam: Weather App


Savannah: Messenger

Alexis: NewsTab

We hope you learned something from our app/extension reviews.  What is your favorite app/extension?

1 comment:

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