Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Do YOU have a Social Brand?

Do you have a social brand? Don't know what that is?  My #DigCit students are here to help! Beyond my description and reflection of the unit, you will find the student's projects.  Feel free to use them in your classes!

We began the year Googling ourselves and then went on to explore what a digital tattoo is and what ours currently is.  You can read about that in this Blog post.

Overview of the unit:
We brainstormed what we thought a social brand was, specifically related to our online presence.  We then came up with a useable definition for our purposes in class.  Next, they had some time to Google it as well as look at the resources I provided them: Resource 1 and Resource 2.

After they felt they had a good grasp on the concept, I gave them all of my usernames for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  I wanted them to determine what my social brand was or what I was consciously choosing my online life to say about me.  They really thought they were going to find out the dirt on me, but soon discovered that my social media reflects my school spirit, desire to learn and share as well as a place to give shout outs.  To say the least, some of them were really disappointed they didn't find anything that wasn't school appropriate.  We talked about how that was by design.  I am the author of my story.  I reminded them that if they don't author their story, someone else will and it might not be the story you want out there.

Next they had to choose a platform from this list, knowing that they cannot use the same platform they have previously used, unless they did not earn a Techspert Badge.  A Techspert Badge means that 90% or more of your classmates feel you are an expert on that platform.  You then are our go to person for questions related to that platform.

The students were able to create a project that would not only inform people about social branding, but give them tips on how to assess and fix their social brands.  Here is a link to all of the Projects.

During the presentations (which could have been standing in front going through the project or pushing play), the students were evaluating each other through a Google Form: This enabled me to collect data, feedback as well as give the class a vote in who becomes a Techspert.  We also did a shout out at the end.  If they felt like someone earned a shout out, they included it in the Google Form.  I then handed them out the next day.  You can see them here in this Google Draw.

All in all, I would say that not only are they more aware of a what a social brand is, they are not more cognizant of their posts as they continue to build their social brand.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the unit/lessons/projects.


  1. This is fantastic! Not only does it help student become cognizant of how they present themselves, but it gives them a chance to actually use their voices and get reactions on SM. I liked that you had each become expert on one platform. Smart :-) had to laugh about them hoping to find shocking things about you :-)